Packaging Site Logistics

Running a packaging plant requires an in-depth knowledge of logistics. People, materials, products and machines must all be coordinated for peak efficiency. If scheduling is off for any of these items, the entire line suffers and costly shutdowns can occur. Production cannot be completed if necessary parts and people are not available at the right place and time. Packaging plant managers must have a wide knowledge of logistics, staffing and the various packaging processes to be used. They must be able to train their staff for routine packaging as well as special order fulfillment.

Matching products with the packaging material is just the first step in managing a packaging line. If a machine will be used to do the actual work, the manager must provide the staff to run the machine. Staff duties will also include moving product and packing materials into the machine on a timely basis. If the machine runs out of necessary materials, the entire operation can be halted. Staff training for machine loading and operation is a priority at a packaging facility.

Hand packing is one variation packaging companies often handle. Their customers may want to market for a holiday or special occasion. This might require adding different components to make a special kit for end-use consumers. Larger packages for these items must be on-hand and ready for use by the staff. The line manager for this operation needs to take the time to make sure each staff member understands the process and includes all items in their proper space. Improperly packed cartons will not close and must be emptied and repacked. This costs time and money for the contract packing and contract bagging company.

Shipping completed orders is a priority for packaging company managers. These orders must be kept separated from incoming component shipments. Finished packages are generally warehoused temporarily until shipping. Staff on the loading dock is trained to identify and ship the proper packages. This is a complex operation in many packaging plants, but professional knowledge of shipping and warehouse procedures keeps errors from occurring. Shipping is generally the last step the packaging plant does before they are compensated for their work.