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Packaging Site Logistics

Running a packaging plant requires an in-depth knowledge of logistics. People, materials, products and machines must all be coordinated for peak efficiency. If scheduling is...


Off-Site Packaging

Large companies that produce a variety of products often have separate packaging facilities. These may be a separate division of the company, or they may...


A Different Sales Strategy

Bulk producers have traditionally done their sales within their industry. They knew their own customers well and aimed their marketing strategies at the companies they...


Many companies that produce bulk materials have taken a good look at the retail market lately. They like what they see as increased profits on their products. A good example of this is mulch production. For years, mulch producers sold wholesale products in bulk to professional landscaping companies. The trend of homeowners to do these types of jobs on their own has opened up new markets. These homeowners do not want or need a truckload of mulch dumped on their property. They want bags of mulch that are easy to transport and use. When properly packaged for their needs, they will pay far more for the same amount of product than a wholesale landscaping company is willing to pay.